Vault Shuttle Event
Would love for our fleet to be among the first to have our vice admirals equipped with this mk xii special equipment!

So, how can we organize a 2 or 3 times a day run for it? Would like to make something around say 8pm on a daily basis so as to target our whole fleet (I'd only be available on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays), however something like this I think would be awesome for us to do.

Keep in mind it is a shuttle-based only mission...

Anyways, lemme know how we can do this! Would love to see us outfitted and make it to where we're at the top of the chain for everything! =D
We can only do this event when it is active in the event calendar so we really can't plan it daily because I believe the times are always different.

I'm afraid you'll run into the same problems scheduling this event as I did scheduling my Crystalline Entity event. The times for special events are random, and some days they don't even have a particular event. The very best you can hope for in planning is to check the schedule every day when you log in and then schedule an event when you see the event on the calendar.

I doubt you have the time for this, and I have just about given up on the Crystalline Entity thing. I think there will be more/better times for the Vault event since it's new still. I wish you the best of luck getting an event scheduled.
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