STO Server Maintenance - Are they doing it on purpose?
Hi Guys,

is it just me or is Cryptic uncapable to get their Server maintenace done as scheduled / intended. How many weeks in a row have they messed it up now? Four, five?

Mal?! Do something. Wink
If they need to extend it they need to extend it!

Read a book or something Wink
Watching Frasier on Netflix since 14:00 UTC.  Big Grin
You know, the last year or so they've been pretty good about getting done in the time frame they put out.  Granted, the last couple weeks went over, but it hasn't been bad.  I remember when I first started playing, which was probably a few months after the game went free to play, they went over every week.  It was so freakin annoying.  It was never less than 4 hours.  I hope we aren't seeing a return to that.  I've been pleasantly surprised over the past year or so with the quickness of the maintenance.

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