Unable to Save Build to File
I'm new to using the build planner but it appears there is a problem.  I am clicking the Save button, then selecting the "Download to File" and "Create a Website Link" buttons.   Clicking "Save my Build" generates a link and says "File saved" at the top but I have no idea where the file is being saved, if at all.

I assume Download to File should generate a window asking me where I want to save the file and under what name.  Nothing is popping up, however.

Please let me know if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong.  Thanks!
I tried to recreate this error, but for me the Skill Planner worked as intended. The Link was generated first and as soon as the message "Saved." appeared, I got the pop-up window to designate where to save it on the hard drive.

Are you 100% certain, that you did check "Download to file"? If so, please let Attilio know what Browser you're using. It seems to work fine with Google Chrome.
I'm sure I'm selecting it.  The downloads work fine for me in Chrome too.  I normally use Firefox 34.0.5 and that's where I'm having the issue.  No download window popping up.
On behalf of Attilio, thank you for checking. I guess, he has something to work with on that issue now. Wink
Hi, it seems to be working for me in Chrome too. I haven't tested in firefox yet. I'll check as soon as I get a chance. Thanks.

I tried FireFox at work and at home, both seem to be working correctly. Do you have a link to the build? There might be something specific to that build which is causing the problem.

Also, if you have any add-ons in Firefox, those could cause a problem as well. Maybe disable them one at a time to test it out.

Firefox is defaulted to save to your Downloads folder. I believe that can be changed in options. To locate the file, click the down arrow button in the top right near the "homepage" button, it will show you recent downloads and there will be a folder button next to each download to link you to the folder.

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