"Request" to all Fleet Members with seldomly used Legion Alts
Hi Guys,

I noticed that Dilithium in the Legion are sort of at an all-time low. This saddens me, especially since it is sooooo easy to get Dilithium, when you are playing KDF.

I'm not going to ask you to start playing your Legion Alts. I realize, that with the release of Delta Rising everyones focus has shifting to one or two Characters only.

What I ask, what I beg of you, is simply 5 (five) minutes of your time. As Attilio has stated in his 8k Dilithium in less than 2 hours Guide, there is a KDF Foundry Spotlight mission called "Vulture Wheel". This is a very easy mission, that can be played at any level and is done very fast. So fast, that it would not grant any rewards at all, if it were not a Foundry Spotlight.

So please, take 5 minutes of your time, grab the "Investigate Officer Reports (repeatable)" Mission and complete "Vulture Wheel". This will get you 2,400 Dilithium Ore. Please refine that Dilithium and contribute it to the Legion Holdings.

Why am I asking you this? Well, at this moment, 39 Fleet Members have a total of 44 Characters in the Legion, that have never contributed anything. If those 44 Characters, would do "Vulture Wheel" on a daily basis, it would result in 105,600 Dilithium a day.

And that just by sacrificing 5 minutes of your time per character.
Think about it and do the right thing.

For Honor! For Glory! For the Legion!

Qapla' / Jolan Tru
Yeah, Delta Rising has really put the squeeze on the dilithium donations to the fleet.  The high requirements of the upgrade system combined with what is essentially a forced move to use fewer characters has hurt all fleets I'm sure.  I know I'm donating far less myself because of this.  Hopefully as people get through the upgrade process the dilithium will start flowing back to the fleets a bit, but it will likely never reach the old levels.  As TP stated, anything you can do to help is much appreciated by all of us in the Legion.

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