Alt Friendly Prices and Carrier frigates dilithium free!!
This video may be coming late to the party but I know many people are still having the issue of not getting there alt friendly prices on their Breen ships. 

At the very least you'll see how to get your Breen frigates for your carrier without spending any Dilithium.

I hope the fix is incoming soon and this video emphasizes that sentiment, lets try to have a better year STO.

I've noticed that the difference in DPS of the Standard pet isn't much different from the Ultra Rare versions.  And yeah I noticed that this version of the pet may say UR but its stats point to being the rare(blue) version.  I'll save my Dilithium for more pressing issues.
General rule is to always go with best pets if you want best of them.
Advanced make sense only if you're not in Fleet or really do not need that much of advantage, but that applies only if your ship does bunch of damage on itself and pets are just debuffers/support.
For Plasma builds it's easier, as Elite Scorpions are quite cheap in comparison to other Fleet Elite ones. Same goes with Tetryon/Nukara builds.

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