Battle Report (STOA Combat Log Reader)
Tested 3 more times on different characters (two ISA and one CCA), sometimes I get few seconds, sometimes I lose few, but overall difference is never more then 5%.
Beta one does look better, since many missions have time-gates and annoying waiting.

TBH, since it's made for "average Joe" that isn't looking for too much details, you've done amazing job in creating it, and even if you can't remove those few seconds, it's ready for public Smile

There will always be some tinkering you can do in later updates, even JCLR creator is doing it almost on weekly basis.

My vote is

Cool thanks for the help. I'm probably not going to release until next week, or earliest the weekend. Plenty of time to tinker now.

FYI if anyone is using this, I removed combatlog_new and update the original link. So go to

Before you add it, I got new idea! :lightbulb:

Can you make notification that there's something new?
For example like this:

It would help people that rarely visit site, and to us that do visit often, to know there's something interesting/new going on (new stuff added, new blog written and such).

And if that item can be highlighted in drop-down menu?

Just a thought Big Grin

Jolan Tru!
Yeah that should be possible.


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