Battle Report (STOA Combat Log Reader)
Hey everyone! Before I release this to the world, I want to use all of you as guinea pigs lol

I've built a combat log reader for the site that shows the important combat data for players from the log, without all the extra data and stats that other log readers have. I guess you can say that this is a simplified version.

Anyway feel free to give it a test run and let me know what you think. Suggestions are welcome. If you think anything looks wrong, let me know. Enjoy!

If anyone has checked this out yet, I just want to let you know I've made some display changes and added a comparison table.

If you haven't taken a look, then do it lol

Will do, Boss, as soon as I am back home on Saturday.

Live Long and Prosper

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Alright, I did a test and I must say, this is awesome and really, really great for Players whose system can't run a CombatReader next to STO. Unfortunately I missed the advice about delete or renaming the Log, so I tried to upload a 14 MB log. LOL. Now I have a Batch file for that. Wink

Anyway, thanks to your Combat Log Reader, I know now that my Breen Carrier deals 11.6k DPS on its first setup. Thanks Boss.
Lol glad to hear it

So that was problem...
I've checked and my log file is over 100 MB...
I'll check on it later today with smaller file.

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lol sounds good. I'll make the note about it stand out a little more.

Finally remembered to type /CombatLog and test it Smile

Great work, although other solutions give more details, for starters and even for some that just want quick info without too much data, it will serve greatly!

Now to find solution for other problem... 14k DPS in 5 minutes is quite bad for Romulan in Faeht, but that topic is for another part of site Wink

Thanks for yet another great addition to site!

Jolan Tru!
I like the hat in your avatar lol

This is definitely meant to be a simple reader, at least for now. Some players either won't want to install software or can't figure out the data in those programs. I just wanted to simplify it for those people (and myself lol)

Glad to hear you like it and that it works lol

I had a thought today. Does the Combat Log Reader really "only" analyze the last 5 minutes? Wouldn't it be better to analyze the entire log (for the analytical sake), but restrict it to a max file size of like 2-3 MB? Just asking. Wink

In any case, I like the CombatLog Reader. In my case, it safe a lot of system resources, yet still allow for quick results.

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