STO Academy Fleet Statistics
(02-05-2015, 02:51 PM)Nyxadrill1962 Wrote: Nice work Tac! Smile
Thank you.
Another update on the Fleet Stats. I altered the "Fleet Member Status" part. You can enter a Handle now and get all the info there. It counts your Contribs and Awards and tells you, if you may be eligible for a promotion or Citation of Enrichment Commendation.

However, always remember, those Stats are for an informational purpose only. Just because it says, you may be eligible for a Promotion, it doesn't mean you get it on the spot. Promotions and Commendations are given out by the Office of the Admiralty in regular intervalls. So, if you happen to be eligible for something, please be patient.
The Fleet Stats have been updated and now include the Minigame "Hall of Fame".
Thanks, TacPaddy, for all your work on the Fleet Stats!

You're welcome. Wink
EDIT: Nevermind, i'm dumb and didn't read Tongue Submitted a score in the right thread
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Just a little heads up: I will use today's Server maintenance to do some maintenance of my own on my Fleet Stats page. It will start at 14:00 UTC, but hopefully won't take as long as Cryptic's maintenance. I try to optimize the layout / user-friendliness and want to give you a few more options. I post again, when I'm done with my server maintenance.
Maintenance on the Fleet Stats Site is now complete.
Looking Good Smile
Hi Guys,

yesterday the Fleet Stats were partially not available. It seems that the connection to the OneDrive servers (where the Excel Spreadsheet is stored) were shaky and thusly unreliable.

As of now, it seems that everything is back to normal. However, I was made aware, that in the "Member Status" it was difficult to enter one's handle. I have rectified that problem, by introducing a Dropdown-Menu which shows the Fleet members in alphabetical order. Granted, that is not the best solution, but I need to work with what I got, right? Wink

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