Experimental science ship
Hi there was wondering if anyone could help me with this build.
Heard alot of people say they get alot os high dps out of these new teir6 ships i just cany get past 6k dps
Any help would be good



  1. Complete that build by adding Skills and Traits. That way, we can be of better help by giving advice regarding possible respecing and/or using specific Traits.
  2. Drop the Auto-targeting Module and replace it with either a Vulnerability Exploiter Console or at least an Antiproton Mag Regulator.
  3. Concerning your Antiproton Omni-directional Beam: If this is actually the Ancient Omni-Directional Beam Array from "Sphere of Influence",  then get an additional crafted one or vice versa. When you got it, the place it aft.
  4. Drop the standard Particle Generator and replace it with a Graviton Generator. Your Grav Well should be more effective that way as it pulls in more targets.
  5. Look for very rare Duty Officer to place on Active Space Duty that will boost your Abilities. You can buy an additional Active Duty Slot and the Fleet spire. That way, you can have up to six DOFFs on Active Duty.
Live Long and Prosper
Ok thanks ive updated with my skills and traits.
I do have both ancient and crafted onmi couldnt find the ancient one in the list..

Any more help would be appreciated


DPS-wise you have wasted lots of potential. Most Engineering / Science Skills require only 6 points. You gain only a slim Bonus of 15%, if you fill those to 9 points. You could (and honestly you should) use those skill points that you regain by that to reinforce your tactical Skills. Namely Starship Projectile Training (min. 6 points) , Starship Energy Weapon Specialization (9 points) and Starship Projectile Weapon Specialization (6 points).
In my opinion the Bonus gained by the Beam Barrage trait is negligible. Replace it with the Particle Manipulator trait (Science Crafting Lvl 15 trait). This will add 25% of your total Particle Generator skill as Critical Hit percentage to your Exotic Damage, which will apply to your Tyken's Rift as well as the Gravity Well.

That's it for starters. Wink
Live Long and Prosper
Ok changed the skill tree on the link haven't change it in game yet as want to make sure it right this time.
Have changed it 4 times in past...
Do you thing those dual beams are worth upgrade or should swap for single beams with more firing arc?

Thanks again for the help
Oops, I forgot to mention that you can skip the "Starship Armor Reinforcements" and "Starship Warp Core Potential" Skills altogether. Their actual bonus is not really worth mentioning as indicated here. My bad.
Transfer the points you regain to "Starship Auxiliary Performance" (min. 3 pts) and "Starship Weapon Performance (as much as possible). 
Regarding the Upgrade of the DBBs, I'd say that depends how comfortable you are with your Turn rate. I'd leave at least one DBB for the damage output.
Ok so changed the skill to give more on weapons performance and aux..
I like the turn rate on this ship.i do have single antiproton beams.on other ship might just upgrade them then swap around to see what works best..

Thanks again
My pleasure. 
Thank you got 10k dps its getting better...thanks again
(12-03-2014, 07:37 AM)whyteknyght Wrote: Thank you got 10k dps its getting better...thanks again
Cool. Glad to have been of help. Wink

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