New Bonus Episode: Whats Left Behind [SPOILER][VIDEO]
In case you missed it they put out a new episode to kind of wrap up the Delta Rising series. If you do decide to play, have played or watch the video tell me what you think of the direction they took here.

Be aware comments by others below this one may be spoilers.

I don't normally put out the episode videos but I felt compelled here. I thought the direction they took here was rather interesting. What does this lead to in the way of season 10 or is it 10.5? Well, I hope you enjoy the video!

Is this episode out yet?cos I don't see it
(11-16-2014, 05:02 PM)Jim350000 Wrote: Is this episode out yet?cos I don't see it

It is for Level 60 players. If you are Level 60, then open your Mission Log and hit the "Available" Tab. Then search for the Name of your Delta Alliance contact and there you'll find the episode.

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