Looking for input - Charal Andorian Escort
Personally, I wouldn't out another turret on that build - in fact, I'd remove the one you've got at the moment.  I can understand why you'd want them for weapon coverage outside the dual-cannon firing arc, but unless you go for a very fiddly arrangement of firing commands they'll be firing when the big guns are firing too, and the damage the turrets contribute will almost certainly be negated (and then some) by the loss of damage from the dual cannons due to the increased power drain.

My suggestion would be to get the Dyson rep console and one of the Dyson rep weapons for a rear slot; that'll give you a 3% bonus to crit chance. For the other rear weapon slot I'd go for either the other Dyson weapon (for an extra 10% crit severity set bonus) or the kinetic cutting beam.

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