Looking for input - Charal Andorian Escort

I already have gotten input on unifying the weapon types (phaser, most likely), and dropping the rear torp in favor of another turret. Just looking for other ideas if anyone is willing....
You need to stick with one energy type, as you said, and also don't use your Tac console slots for universals because that defeats the purpose of having a 5-Tac slot escort. You are severely nerfing your damage with that loadout. If you want to use the Andorian console set then you should stick with phasers, but otherwise you can drop them and still have a successful build. I have something on my Kumari which should work for a Charal as well: http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skillpla...umari_3155

Thanks, will look into that.

Oh, and will a mod please move this post? I accidentally put it in the wrong forum. Tongue
Hi wolf,

Here are my thought to this build:


If you really want to stick to your 3 Andorian Univ. Consoles you should put them into other slots than the Tac ones, otherwise you are not able to use the 5 Tc slots for damage enhancements.

I also overlooked the skill section. there are a few things you have to take into account when building a Cannon Boat, as the Charal is intended to be. As you don't have any abilities which affects hold and exotic damage, i would suggest to invest these points otherwise, eg. in more hull resistance. Its always better to just take one weapon type if you want to max out your dps. And keep in mind that points in weapon specialization are not really worth to be spent. (At lvl 9 you only gain +2% CrtH).
Investing in Flow Caps is only wise, if youre having abilities such as a shield or subsystem power drain, or if you own the plasmonic leech, which i recommend for every ship, because its really powerfull.

Hope, this helps a bit to get good performance out of your charall.

Personally, I wouldn't out another turret on that build - in fact, I'd remove the one you've got at the moment.  I can understand why you'd want them for weapon coverage outside the dual-cannon firing arc, but unless you go for a very fiddly arrangement of firing commands they'll be firing when the big guns are firing too, and the damage the turrets contribute will almost certainly be negated (and then some) by the loss of damage from the dual cannons due to the increased power drain.

My suggestion would be to get the Dyson rep console and one of the Dyson rep weapons for a rear slot; that'll give you a 3% bonus to crit chance. For the other rear weapon slot I'd go for either the other Dyson weapon (for an extra 10% crit severity set bonus) or the kinetic cutting beam.

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