Veterans Day Social on the USS Lancaster-D
As a former serviceman (although not U.S.) and Veteran of NATO Operation "Active Endeavour", I appreciate this idea of a Social Event. Count me in, Chris. Live Long and Prosper
Ill still be sleeping at 3pm eastern but will join in if you guys are still going when I get up.
Sounds like a grand idea, and while I am not from the USA and we do not have Veterans day here in Norway in the same sense, it is a tradition of extreme value...our vet's fought side by side in ww2 and later scenario's. If I am online at the time this kicks off, Id be honored to join in the celebration!
(11-11-2014, 09:49 PM)Chris Wrote: There were also some thoughtful words spoken by our fleet-mates about Veterans and their service.

For example:
In game, TP Wrote:God bless the Veterans of the U.S. Berlin Brigade for guarding my sorry Ass for 15 years. They actually inspired me to serve my own Country.
In retrospect I forgot to mention the british Berlin Infantry Brigade as well as the french Forces at Berlin (Forces Françaises à Berlin).

Unfortunately, most of the german people do not really understand what it means to be free and that freedom must be protected. So, support and appreciation of my own Country's Veterans is still in its infancy.

Chris, once again I thank you for hosting this Event in appreciation of Veterans. Having served in a NATO Operation under Article 5 of the NATO Charter right after 9/11, I really appreciate it, when "Service for Peace and Freedom" (text on the backside of the NATO Article 5 Medal) is acknowledged.
Undersigned, thank you for hosting this, good fun and worthy cause Smile

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