Giving up tonight...
Giving up trying to even connect again tonight..its been a constant mess of disconnects, and according to the forums it would seem I am not alone. Also got that impression in Fleet tonight...
I havnt even been able to try! Aww well, maybe tomorrow will fare better
Damn, just got home and was really eager to play the Game. Well until tomorrow then, I guess. Sad
Yeah same here man. I kept getting booted off at the worst possible time. fortunately I was able to finish gathering Voth Cybernetic Implants in between disconnects. I still haven't seen them even acknowledge the issue even though my server light is red.
They did on Facebook in the meantime and it seems to be big. The comments suggests that not only STO is affected but Neverwinter and several other Games as well. What bothers me is that it took them that long.
I really don't think they do proper quality control or maintenance. The weekend is when they should be staffed the most but instead we get a skeleton crew looking into issues.

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