April 5th : First Contact Day event
Yea, the Kahless blade is awesome, I haven't noticed any reward on the Fed side even half as cool. I did get a Mk VI Type 2 Phaser (TOS weapon) and frankly is pretty cool... but it should have been a higher level weapon or one that grows with Rank. I was very disappointed when I had to put it in my bank, because of low stats.
(04-09-2013, 12:34 PM)ChrisHerr Wrote: On nice thing about this game is being able to re-run missions.

After you hit level 50, you can re-run the mission where you received the Type 2 phaser, and then the reward will be a Mk XI Type 2 Phaser. ; )
OH CRAP... I didn't even think of that!!! I swear it's my favorite weapon. I even purchased the TOS uniform pack, for authenticity Smile Thanks my man, will be running that mission again this evening.
Lol...I'd waited to re-run the mission with my FDF toon so I could mail it to my Fed, not realizing that it's bound to the character. Now my Gorn boff is running around with a Starfleet issue antique phaser. Smile
(04-08-2013, 01:58 PM)Hijaak Wrote: Ok, I was wondering where everyone was pulling the new Bat'leth from.... where exactly does this event take place?
Go to Qo'noS: First City or to Qo'noS: Shipyard, then beam aboard the K.D.F. Bortasqu' and complete the Mission.
Thanks Patroq!!! I did the event on Tuesday and fought the Borg with it immediately after, ADAPT TO THAT!!! hahaha Smile
I have to say, I'm a little disappointed that they are using this as a bonus weekend. When they did away with the hourly bonus events they said they would replace them with weekend bonus events instead. I assumed at first when they said that it would be every weekend, turned out to be every other weekend (disappointment #1). Now with this we won't see a true bonus weekend for a month (disappointment #2). I could of course be wrong. Maybe they'll give some kind of bonus rewards all weekend, but by the description this doesn't appear to be the case. Just a one time award that is mostly useless and can be gained in 5 minutes.
That reward looks like a mix between the romulan and KDF hand weapons.
(03-28-2014, 03:01 PM)Snerwuol Wrote: That reward looks like a mix between the romulan and KDF hand weapons.
Fed: phoenix non combat space pet
KDF: Bronze Batl'elth
Rom: Pet Nanov non-combat pet

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