April 5th : First Contact Day event
Can't wait.

I really hope that this year they focus their efforts on the KDF faction as well as fleets.

I saw the naming blunder this morning while I was on. Very amusing. Somebody is going to get a poke in the eye at the next devs' meeting over that one.

I think the Klingons got the better end of the...uh, bat'leth...on this one. The Pheonix non-combat pet is fun, but meh. Loved visiting with the Enterprise F crew, though.

But the Bortasqu' was great. I love the multi-level bridge, and the interaction with the crew. (The engineer claiming her own version of honour in the bowels of the ship; the Orion doctor who just wants to do his job...) I thought the writing was great, too.
And of course, the lovely bat'leth. I've barely used anything else all weekend. Smile
Ok, I was wondering where everyone was pulling the new Bat'leth from.... where exactly does this event take place?
There is an extra option in the transporter rooms in Qo'nos for it. It was wildly obvious from all of the info.

Doing this made me want to get that bridge, so much! Preferred the KDF one to the Fed one, to be honest. But the reward for the Fed side is better (shock!)
AWESOME!!!! Is it that obvious for Fed as well? I've spent more time on the Fed than the Klingon the last week or so... I'll hit that joint up tonight!
For feds, you need to be in Sector Space outside Sol, then you can go to Earth OR Mars...........
Thank you my friend!!!! I promise, one day, I will help someone else out as well as you have helped me Smile
I kinda like the rending bat'leth. Not quite as obviously good as the Shard Sword of Kahless, but the possibility of extra damage about balances it out. Certainly more fun than a space pet!

I'm going to have to carefully compare, but I think the Bortasqu' Bridge was slightly different from the bridge on a player Bortasqu'. Very similar, though. I'm not sure it's worth paying the zen, though. I have a Bortasqu', and it is wildly different from the usual KDF ship experience.
(04-08-2013, 01:58 PM)Hijaak Wrote: Ok, I was wondering where everyone was pulling the new Bat'leth from.... where exactly does this event take place?
Go into orbit around Qo'nos and you'll have a new option to go to the Bortasqu. Similar quest as the one at the UP yard.

Funny part was, I did that quest, then got the Kahless blade not three hours later. Kahless blade is the better blade!


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