T6 Starship Traits
This info may be posted someplace else on the internet but since I just confirmed it I figured I would put it here too.

I purchased the Delta Pack and was curious if I could unlock all the Tier 6 ship traits but also discharge the ships. I'm forced to do that since I only have 1 empty ship slot.

Apparently the game saves your progress on T6 ships. So if you discharge it and then get the same ship again, you'll still have all the levels you unlocked for it. This is probably why the trait stays unlocked.

So have no fear if you want to discharge your T6 ship! Discharge it and know that your hard work is safe.

Good to know. Too bad this won't work on T5U fleet ships since you would still have to upgrade the fleet variant again.

Hmm it might work with T5U. So lets say you get the Galaxy, upgrade it to T5U, level it, discharge it, then rinse and repeat. I would assume once you upgrade it to T5U again it would still have the exp and levels you originally had.

Yes, but you would need to re-buy your fleet module to get the fleet T5U. There would still be a cost but I assume you don't lose the mastery points.

Ohhhh now I understand what you're saying. Yeah odds are it would work like that which sucks.

I'm a little disappointed that kdf and romulan players max out at two ship traits right now because of the lack of T6 ships available.  Of course the lack of support for kdf and romulans has been a long standing issue so no surprise there I guess.  Problem is it creates a competitive gap between the feds and the kdf/rom characters.  While the feds can max out the ships traits, kdf/rom's cannot.
Aren't there Ship Traits from Specializations?
And so far of what I've seen, they look much better then most of Ship ones.

But in general, I agree... we want moar luv! 
That could be Biba.  I haven't gotten far enough along in the specializations to find out I guess.
(11-05-2014, 07:00 PM)martinison Wrote: That could be Biba.  I haven't gotten far enough along in the specializations to find out I guess.

Lucky for you guys I have! The Pilot starship trait is called Pedal to the Metal: it boosts your damage up to 10% while at full speed (not full impulse), it takes like 4 seconds to get the full 10%. Intel has Predictive Algorithms: Whenever you use an Intel ability or a weapon enhancement ability it boosts Accuracy and clears one debuff (the accuracy stacks 4 times I think for a total of 20% for the improved trait). Commando unlock a trait called Demo Teams which after ten seconds does 6000 damage that penetrates shields (its currently bugged and doesn't work at all).

All in all, I still think a ship with all the Fed starship traits has a leg up on Rom and KDF. But honestly I like the KDF traits but the Rom ones are very lackluster and only help in getting away.
As the xp grind stands now, it'll be sometime near the end of 2015 before I unlock the specialization traits.  Let's hope that gets changed a bit.

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