STO has become less difficult...
starting to find my way around the game and while I am not an expert at setting up the best possible starship the more it is tooled around with the easier it becomes to use. I still have the Miranda class and it is growing on me. 

I am up to the Lackey system mission and ended being booted for what ever reason....

(not sure if this is the exact place for this to go, but it is about sto).
(11-01-2014, 07:33 PM)Chris Wrote: Glad to hear that it is starting to make more sense, and (I presume) through your use of Bride Officer abilities and you experience with the ship, you are more easily taking out your enemies!

Yep and having the consoles to go with them.... and upgrades help too! LOL....
Two of the easiest tips for ship combat in the game are:

Use the same energy type in all hardpoints on your ship.
Use the same energy weapon format (beam or cannon) in the same.

Torps are little more forgiving and you can somewhat mix and match there.

If you are just playing through on normal difficulty (a good plan for a first char) same your energy credits and just but common gear for the time being.  If you get a better drop, great, use it or sell it as you choose.  Point is, up to L50, you're only going to be in a ship for 5-10 levels tops so don't invest in it too heavily.

Pretty much what I have been doing. Besides, I don't really have the funds to buy stuff....

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