Zefram Cochrane Shotgun - Mirror Invasion Event
I'm hoping the event will also be a bit like the old event in that it had a great deal of xp.  Could really help people level their alts.  (Note, I haven't yet read anything about it on the official site so please ignore my ignorance if that was something already mentioned in the official notes)
I've done that and it works great. Did it on all my alts.

Don't forget to use the Undine Armor with it, as it grants +30% Physical Damage. Wink

upgrade shotgun with lvl 60:  I got mine at lvl 59 in MK XII and discarded it just before reaching lvl 60. Then after I reached lvl 60 I reclaimed it in Dil Store and got MK XIII  Smile . As before mentioned I discarded and reclaimed to get the proc I wanted (ctrdx2) , with one character I need to do this about 15 times but it worked well.

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