Perception of games current state
In case you've been living under a rock the past two weeks, people are pissed over on the STO forums.  If your game hasn't been going the way you like it to visit this thread and let Cryptic know.

For those who don't want to go to the STO forum I will link the video below:

Yeah, I'm noticing the dilithium issue the most right now. I'm glad for the new content, but I'm honestly not too impressed with the further power creep - it's only a matter of time before we get Mk MCMXCVIII phasers being competitive.

A lack of Mark 14 weapons certainly explains why I was having so many issues with Elite STFs. It's really jarring when I can't kill a Borg probe with Mark 12 anti-Borg phaser cannons with Cannon Rapid Fire II, Cannon Scatter Volley III, and Torpedo Spread II. And the only way to get Mark 13/14 is to upgrade my existing stuff with dilithium. And the only way to get dilithium at a good rate is to do Elite STFs, minus the stuff I want for my own characters...

I'm kinda wishing they didn't increase the level cap.
Forget the STFs, run the Dyson battlezone for dilithium. In addition to what you'll get in rewards, you'll have plenty of marks and cybernetic implants to convert into dil through rep projects.
I second Dyson. Since it launched it has been the easiest dil farm.

I was under the impression the expert items (neural processors, ancient power cells, cybernetics implants) can only be achieved through Advanced STFs?
Depends on which you're talking about. Neural Processors can only be had from Borg STFs or (occasionally) from the boxes you get for starting rep projects. Cybernetic implants and the Undine equivalent can be respectively had from the ground and space battlezones in the Solonae Dyson Sphere as well as the PvE queues and rep boxes. Ancient Power Cells can be had from rep boxes and certain queues, none of which I have access to yet unfortunately.
pc can also be gain from completing kobali  story arc
Time to get levelling, then.
Actually I kind of agree with the idea of slowing progression down a bit... which I know puts me in the minority. Where I think they're stumbling is that it happens all at once. You cruise from 1 - 60 in under a month, then you slam into a LONG series of time gates.

If xp was cut by say 15-20% from front to back, but you were able to gather marks, gather a reasonable amount of dilithium, and work on reps a bit along the way things wouldn't be so glaringly terrible at 60. Along with that rewards need to be looked over again, even if all they did was toss the STFs on a hourly rotation and tack a x2 dil bonus for completion I think you'd see a reasonable quality of life improvement. Also I think pricing on allot of Fleet / Rep gear needs to be reworked, spending a week grinding marks for a piece of gear was fine when it was the end all be all. But now we get to look forward to yet another week or two of grinding to bring that item up to snuff.

As it stands, I was logging in for an hour or two to reset daily cool downs and grab bonus marks. Then logging out because I couldn't justify spending another 2 hours just to pick up another 50 marks / 500 dil...

In the end, if you're unhappy with a service by all means voice your issues... but if you want to be heard, stop paying for it.
i don't min the slow leveling. i mind having to wait to complete the storyline. , right now it's still another day until i get the second to last mission, and who know how long until the last... 

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