Poll: Are Farming Maps fair?
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They are fair
10 43.48%
They are not fair
2 8.70%
I don't really care
11 47.83%
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Are Farming maps fair?
Farming maps are foundry maps that abuse the system of dropping items by having nebulas block the enemies' shields and having you be easily able to kill them. This is a very easy way to earn things like levels and good items. Do you think this is fair?

They would be unfair, if they could be used over and over again. Two factors are meant to discourage usage of such maps.

1) there is a daily Foundry loot drop limit, which is usually reached before the first Farming run is complete.
2) those Maps are usually completed so fast, that they grant no mission rewards.

However, the Loot earned from such Foundry Maps can be sold to gain some easy Energy Credits.
Personally I don't really care if they are or aren't. You can make substantially more by running episode missions and selling the R&D mats you pick up, plus get loot to sell, plus get the mission rewards.

Even if all the stars were aligned and you were using 5 characters to farm up EC you're talking about spending months saving to afford a single Omni directional beam.

On the flip side of the coin, if Cryptic removed all of the "Farm" missions... it might be a month or two before I noticed.
I think they're 'fair', simply because everyone has equal access to them. I don't much like the idea of them, but I don't think there's anything that can really be done about them. How would you phrase a policy prohibiting them that didn't amount to "If we say it's a farming mission, it's a farming mission, so there"? If they tried to provide a strict definition of what farming is, then in no time you'd have missions on Foundry that that stayed just inside the letter of the rules while still providing maximum reward for minimum effort.
I think they are fair and well needed Smile
Not sure it's relevant anymore since the foundry farming has been nerfed into near uselessness.
I tended to use the Boff grinder ones when I was working from home - set 1 char running a boff grinder while I work, when it completes, collect the dili.  Next char, so I get the reward and then repeat when all the chars had done one.  It turned time when I really couldn't sit down an play in to time that was actually generating me something.

As for the loot ones, I also agree that the term 'fair' depends on what you mean by that.  As everyone can run them, everyone can get the loots.  As has been pointed out, you can't just farm them endlessly as there is a loot limit per day. 

Are they "bad form"?  Possibly.  But then if you don't want to use them, don't use them.
everyone can access them and there are solid limits in place to stop abuse of them - this makes them fair but to be honest I find them boring so don't use them
I generally feel they are fair... Everyone can access them and the rewards and drops are limited to avoid abuse.

Additionally, they are helpful for the various "Kill 1000" accolades, which would be a truly hideous grind without them.
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I've gotten many an accolade from them. I think they're capped after so many in a day but I can't confirm this.

All I know is that I definitely did so many in a day and my count stopped going up!

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