Possibly New Fleet Signatures
Jules, after you have created your sig, and saved it to your computer, you copy the url that is created below your sig...copy the bottom one. Then exit the Sig maker.  Then, go top side to Account > Forum Settings and under the Your Profile you find Change Signature. Hit that, and paste the copied link in there. Then hit Update my Signature.  Then mark the "Enable in all my posts" or something. Should get you there, hope it helps! 
Thanks spraque - as luck would have it I seem to have worked it out just as you were posting lol! I was trying to add it from the main signature link, which wasn't working, but going into account as you advised was spot on. 
Good stuff...looking good! Smile
Hm..... something is odd. Jules and Sprague, is it possible, that you forgot to link your signatures to http://fleet.stoacademy.com? It is by default included in the BB Code that the Fleet Signature Maker provides, yet when I hover above your Sigs, I have the standard Mouse pointer.

And no, I am not controling you, I found that out by coincidence. Wink

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