Possibly New Fleet Signatures
I think I figured out a solution that will work well for everyone. I'll mock it up later tonight and share.

To answer your questions Chris
- maybe not the exact same filter, but still blue and similar, I'll probably remove the grid
- I'm not worried about the readability of motto, they can see it on the website, as long as they recognize the logo then i'm happy

I don't really like the fleet logo inside the main logo, it looks too small. People will wonder why there is a weird red circle (or whatever color) in there lol.

I never added an upload feature because people can't be trusted to upload only STO related images and not nude pictures lol

Oh and your sig BG looks nice

Dress Uniform for the fighting? Epic!

Ok new mockup. Pretty much what we have now. New style for the background. Slightly smaller logos. Solid border all around so it doesn't fade to black.

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they very well could be the same size, i didn't measure, just increased the size to what looked right lol

Never! Muahahahahaha

or after I update the sig maker. I have some improvements I need to make. Hopefully by Monday I'll have this ready, along with the updated rank pips.

Alright so I updated the signature maker (you can see the new version in my sig)

Same size logos, removed the black corners, made the background full size, slightly shrunk the font size in the middle.

Approved! Wink

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