Advanced Escort DPS build help
I have an Advanced Escort DPS build that i want to hit shields hard and be highly manueverable. I want to know if anyone has any suggestions that might help make it better? Im new to the game and would like to make this a good build.

- Starship Attack Patterns                            : 9
- Starship Weapons training                        : 9
- Starship Shield Emitters                            : 9
- Starship Energy Weapons                         : 9
- Starship Projectile Weapons                      : 9
- Structural Integrity                                  : 9
- Starship Shield Systems                           : 9
- Starship Maneuvers                                 : 9
- Starship Targeting Systems                      : 9
- Starship impulse thrusters                        : 9 
- Starship Engine Performance                    : 9
- Starship Hull Plating                                : 9
- Starship Shield Performance                     : 9
- Starship Energy Weapon Specialization      : 9
- Starship Projectile weapons Specialization   : 9 
- Starship Armor Reinforcements                 : 9
- Starship Weapon Performance                   : 9 

Starship Equipment

/-3 advanced fleet tetryon dual heavy cannons mkII [crtH] dmg x 3
 -1 advanced fleet photon torpedo launcher mkII [crtD] dmg x 3

/-advanced fleet positron deflector array mkII [inert] [cosys] [slnt] [cman]

/- Advanced fleet impulse engines mkII [turn]x 3 [spd]

/- Advanced fleet reinforced warp core mkII [sep] [w-s] [scap] [sst]

/- Advanced fleet covarient shield array mkII [cap]x 3 [reg]

Aft Weapons
/- 2 Advanced fleet tetryon turrets mkII [dmg]x 3 [crtH]
 - 1 omni-directional antiproton beam array mkx II [acc] [arc] [dmg]

Engineering Consoles
/- 2 RCS Accelerator MK X [+allres]

Science Consoles
/- 2 field generators mk xIII 
 - 1 shield emitter amplifier mk x

Tactical Consoles
/- 3 Tetryon Pulse generators mk xI
 - 1 Photon Detonation Assembly mk xI

Bridge Officer Abilities

-Tactical team 1
-torpedo spread 2
-cannon scatter volley 2
-attack pattern omega 3

-tactical team 1
-torpedo high yield 2
-cannon rapid fire 2

-emergency power to shields 1
-reverse shield polarity 1

-transfer shield strength 1
-hazard emitters 2

-tractor beam 1

My Abilities

- go down fighting 3
- attack pattern alpha 3
- fleet support 3
- fire on my mark 3
- tactical initiative 3

Any ideas would be most appreciated!! Also someone said something about duty officers could some tell me how they help? Thanks for your help!
Step 0: you should put that build in the skill planner because most people aren't going to want to look at a wall of numbers.

Step 1 (Skills): Respec using the readings from here: It's generally better to put only 6 points max in most of your skills except your focus since the results have strong diminishing returns above that, and your gear will add a lot of points to make up for that change anyhow. For a Tac, I suggest you do something like what I have here: Feel free to play with the sci/eng abilities to suit your needs, but for a proper shield drain build you ABSOLUTELY must have points into Flow Capacitors. I suggest 6 at least but you could do 9 if you want. For Tac, make sure you max out the first 3 skills in the top and bottom tier, you probably want zero in threat and stealth because you like escorts, and then put as much as you can into your Energy and Projectile Specialization. If you want a look at a build that uses a lot of tetryons plus torps, I have another such build on my Avenger here:

Step 2 (Gear): Get fleet variants on your tac consoles for more damage. I suggest a mix of tetryon and photon vulnerability locators from the fleet Spire, either 2/2 or 3/1 as you have now. Photons have a fast refire so you could probably slot two photon torps fore if you wanted; that's the reason I have 3 on my Avenger build above since it has 5 fore weapon slots. You can do the same kind of build on an Andorian escort if you want although they aren't as survivable. Get fleet Neutroniums with +Turn or fleet RCS with +AllRes from the fleet Dilithium Mine. Dump the fleet engines for one of the Rep sets like Counter-Command or Assimilated Borg. If you want more shield drain, get the Omega Rep deflector and shields for the 2pc bonus of Tetryon Glider, this will drastically amplify your shield drain. For Sci consoles you should consider using 1-3 fleet Embassy consoles which add Flow Capacitors and possibly +Pla for the extra DOT from plasma burn; drop the emitter amplifier first for these, and if you want more then drop the field emitters also. You could consider changing your tetryon types if you want; check this post I made for more details: There are some good freebie tetryon weapons from storyline missions that you can repeat. Also consider Dominion Polaron as it does both power drain AND tetryon shield drain, although it is polaron-energy based so you would need to change up your tac consoles accordingly. 

Step 3 (Boff abilities): I'd leave most of this alone except drop Tractor Beam for Sci Team 1 if you remove your field emitter consoles. Your tac loadout is sufficient to do a lot of damage.


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