Friendly PVP vs the United Federation of Planets Peace Corp
Its really nice to see they are not sore losers after repeatedly just getting creamed in matches. I like playing with them. I hope I can work with them to get them into fighting shape.
(11-20-2014, 01:34 PM)Chris Wrote: Matt:  Did you all play a third game?  I know we were waiting on Jules and Gersh to come back after their reboot, and then my internet connection died....

We did play a third match. It was Biba, Tusok, and myself with three randoms from the zone thrown in to even things out and we still won 15-9. I even died once in that match!
unfortunately we suffered a total outage for some hours

well done to the academy wrecking crew and to their most patient opponents Smile
Mid afternoon EST and such short notice don't help alot of players to show up. Now that I am working, I won't be able to show up for any subsequent matches with them if the schedule remains like this. Maybe the matches are much closer that way? Tongue

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