Friendly PVP vs the United Federation of Planets Peace Corp
I will be there. I'll try to make the one hit kills to a minimum. Any rules we should know about?
If you need another pair of guns - I will be there
I really enjoyed myself Smile. I look forward to the next match. Maybe we can find a US fleet to fight so our US fleetmates can get their hands dirty.
I had an absolute ball - thank you soooooo much for organising this Chris, I seriously think we should be doing much more in the way of these types of events - mainly because I am still on a high from it over 12 hours later!!!
I may or may not be able to make it, depending on what's going on with work that day. Things have been pretty broken lately so a lot of us are being sent home early. Smile

I shall be there. My Faeht is ready to give them a thrashing again and I'm interested to see what they have come up with thanks to my advice they asked for. I hope we have all the folks we had before with us like Jules and Gersh who were the spine of our team.
Will hopefully be available for duty. Will load for bear Smile.
Should be able to show up, even if its only to sit out like last time Smile
Like I told Chris in-game earlier, Ive got unexpected other obligations tonight, and will not be able to participate :/

Sorry about that guys!
I'm out for today as well now. Good luck to the rest of you.


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