New Member Looking For Fleet Invite
Hi all,
Am  Ed Brouns  48 Yrs of age and wanted to join the fleet
have an commander at hold lvl 23  since 2012
started   a new character on a new account  and cant post inside game because of the limitation of the account 
hope you will/want to invite my new char because the storyline now  is very cool
you really feel connected now  Big Grin

when i started with STO  was way different  you just were trown in the deep end haha

if you see me online pls invite (the char name is) Delphina   (science)
current level LT  4   

Thanks in advance If you Let me Join!!! Big Grin

thanks for reply   Handle
 [email protected]
see you in game  Big Grin

26-10-2014   am Lt Commander now lvl 14  guess will move on Sad  i decline other fleet invites   waiting for you guys to invite me   , anyway best of luck you all Big Grin  after 20 will continue on my commander (23)  playing this char to get the hang of it again  Smile
Give us your @handle name and we'll be sure to send you an invite or just email me in game I am @arreden

Big Grin

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