What Are The Best AntiProton Fleet Cannons For PVP?
I made a thread on the STO forums but they kept removing it. Anyway I was told the cannons with DMGx3 and ACCx3 are the best but it has less dps and there is an Antiproton Cannon set with 284.7DPS and +50 critical severity while the one I was suggest has less DPS and +2 critical chance and +30 critical severity.

Which one should I get? I just want the best cannons for pvp.
For PvP the best mod hands down is acc.  The base dps is mostly meaningless.  The modifiers like acc, crith and critd give a significant boost to the dps which goes beyond the extra base dps you get from dmg.  For PvP your opponent will have significant defensive ratings which is exactly what the acc mod is designed to negate, which allows for the best hit rate.  Anything you can do to boost acc in pvp will help.

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