Delta Rising Launch today
Yeah, submitted a ticket.  I did check the overflow, but they weren't there.  Looked everywhere I could think of.  Checking the forums it seems to be a known issue so hopefully it will be a temporary issue.  Actually, it appears to have been a known issue while on tribble.  Not surprisingly they didn't get around to fixing it before going live.
(10-15-2014, 07:26 PM)Chris Wrote: What did you do, so we can avoid doing that.  ; )

I've finished Escalation, Mindscape, and Reunion.  Good stuff so far.  I haven't played with the new Queues, yet.   So far, almost level 51, and 1/8 to Tier 1 on my Starship.

Glad there is some room to grow, and not a rush.  ; )


If you're rushing to 60, which I'm guessing your not, the fastest way is to run the new Borg Disconnected.  I jumped to level 51 in just one run, this was about the same on Tribble.
Man, do I feel like a moron right now.  I found out what happened to those consoles.  It had been so long since I last logged into those characters that I forgot I had them sitting in the upgrade system.  Hell, I forgot the upgrade system even existed this morning. 
Has anyone upgraded a c store ship then checked to see if it's set to "free upgrade" on other characters ? eg. Upgrade a Scimitar on Fed Rom then pop'd onto a KDF Rom and check upgrade status
I was also able to do this with my FACR and FHEC on multiple characters.

Awesome thanks!

From the sounds of thing's they're handling the upgrade widgets a heck of allot better than I would have expected.

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