Delta Rising Launch today
(10-15-2014, 02:52 AM)martinison Wrote: I've been having some loadout issues too.  My tray randomly gets emptied out.  Reloading the loadout doesn't seem to be an option anymore and even logging out didn't solve the issue, so on multiple occasions today I've had to rebuild my tray.  I'm sure I'm not the only one having that issue.
You're not. Fortunately I noticed before I got into Mindscape. I rebuild the loadout and saved it again. Seemed to work since then.


So far, I am quite happy with Delta Rising. I was pleasantly surprised, that there were no login issues (Anyone remember the login queues when "Legacy of Romulus" was launched?). Although I anticipated some issues due to my kinda low-end computer, there were none to recognize (yet).

I played the first four or five missions and I had fun. The change in the PvE queue has sort of unexpected, but I enjoy the change in difficulty a lot. I got in a Crystalline Catastrophe (Advanced) and I totally forgot, that on advanced Level you get scaled to Level 60. The results were accordingly. I heard, that even an Infected Space takes some time now.

I don't know about you, but the increased difficulty gives me an incentive to work hard again. Wink

Regarding Ship Ugrade I was a bit annoyed that the Tokens cost 700 ZEN. That made me cost my Scimitar a total of 3200 ZEN and at first I found it a bit unfair. But then I realised, that the default T6 Ships apparently have "only" ten Console Slots. So I was like, "Wll, maybe 200 ZEN more for that eleventh Console Slot is worth it." In all honesty, I am not yet convinced that the Intel BOFFs and the 5th Ship Trait are really worth it. I guess, only time and personal reviews from other Players will tell.

Anyway, enjoy the Delta Quadrant!
Yeah, I'm enjoying the episodes for the most part (we won't go into getting the run around from a bunch of freakin Telaxians) and was utterly shocked at the server stability given the issues that we've seen in the past.  I honestly wasn't expecting to be able to play at all yesterday.

I do have an issue with the difficulty of the advanced queues.  They said that the advanced queues would essentially be the same as the former elite queues with a few minor tweaks.  That simply isn't the case at all.  I have yet to get through an advanced mission with all optionals.  That isn't my biggest issue with them though.  Instead of keeping the rewards the same and giving the new elites a bigger reward, they cut the rewards in half.  So now to get 960 dilithium you have to do one of the new elites, which most of us don't even have access to, but are also quite impossible to get through judging from the advanced difficulty.  So now it can easily take half an hour to get through infected and all you get is 480 dilithium.  I have a feeling all the advanced queues are going to become ghost towns if they don't make a change to that.  The reward just doesn't justify the time invested anymore.

Regarding the intel boffs, I've already stopped using them.  They seem like they'd be interesting in pvp, but they really don't do much in pve from my perspective.  Yeah, could be that I just don't know how to use them, but I'd prefer extra tactical slots to the intel powers.
I am also quite happy with DR. Yes, after and upgrade check your loadouts. Had redo my doffs after wondering why my cooldowns were so long. (I have an aux2bat cruiser.) Made it to level 52. I found the Neelix mission a bit much running around the base and all. Look forward to finishing.
I like how Intel works so far. It is a new mechanic which throws a wrinkle into "handle everything" builds and makes your loadouts and boff choices more of a risk/reward trade off. It does suck that they can only go onto the new ships though because that really limits the changes for now.

I'm personally excited that ISE is hard again and am looking forward to getting a fleet team to handle all of these together. Teamwork is definitely required now.

How has the STF been for all of you. I'm waiting until I reach 60 before I jump in the STF's. The forums are full of people complaining on how hard they are now. How has your STFs been going?
I did an Infected Advanced with a pug.  It was actually a decent team.  We got all the way through it, but missed the time optional as it took about 25 minutes to get through it.  I think the timer gives you 15 minutes.  Honestly, the challenge of it can be fun, problem is like I said above the reward to time ratio just doesn't make it worth doing for anything other than an occasional challenge.  480 dilithium for a 30 minute time investment just makes no sense when you can get around 6000 dilithium for the same amount of time in the Dyson BZ.
Not sure if any one posted on this all ready but i see the "event" ships have free upgrades. I have a Risan Corvette and a Chel Grett - both could be upgraded for free.

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The veteran ships also have a free upgrade (including fleet variants).

Just a quick word of warning for those upgrading ships and getting tier 6 ships.  I spent some time upgrading ships and opening new ships today and somewhere along the line I lost a multitude of consoles across all my characters, including vulnerability locators, fleet rcs consoles and fleet sci consoles.  It might be a good idea to unequip all equipment on all characters before messing with upgrades.
Did you lose them or did they go into overflow? I had a lot of items being randomly unequipped on my end but no deletions.


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