Delta Rising Launch today
The launcher allowed me to patch 40 minutes before the time the server is supposed to go back up. It didn't take long at all so hopefully when the green light comes back on I will be able t just launch.
I am still patching, I suspect a lot of others are right now too.
I see a green dot...
Spoiler alert: Delta Rising is out!!!! *Crickets*
Lots of changes in the patch notes. Tons of consoles got a stealth buff for recharge speed!

Also the Aquarius , Vesta, Nebula, and others got buffed.

I'm also curious about this but won't be able to test it for 4-5 hours.

Thanks Chris.

(10-14-2014, 07:52 PM)Chris Wrote: So, can anyone say what the Ship upgrade cost is?   Is it 500 Zen?   1000 Zen?
One Ship Upgrade Token costs 700 ZEN, but you can buy a bundle of four for 2000 ZEN.
Well, I was finally able to get in, and had a good run with Helock, Serenity, Ragnar, and Maklia on the new Advanced version of ISE (quite a bit harder!) but unfortunately I've experienced multiple hard crashes due to video card issues since the patch. I've been seeing weird artifacts on ESD, Starfleet Academy, my inventory, and the Fleet Starbase to name a few. 

Also make sure you check your doffs, traits, etc. before you go into your first queue event as mine were all reset, even my loadouts weren't saved properly. 

I've been having some loadout issues too.  My tray randomly gets emptied out.  Reloading the loadout doesn't seem to be an option anymore and even logging out didn't solve the issue, so on multiple occasions today I've had to rebuild my tray.  I'm sure I'm not the only one having that issue.

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