Mirror Ki'tang no longer working
Mirror Universe Ki'tang Bird-of-Prey Retrofit no longer works as of today. I believe it was working just a few days ago. I tried loading it to make a build today and 2 things:

1) The name in the ship list is "Ki <a white diamond with a ? in it> tang" instead of "Ki'tang"

2) The ship loaded but has no preview, and has no equipment, boff seats, or weapons. It only lists eng/defl/shld/core and nothing else. I had previously made a build and saved it. I went into my saves and pulled that up. Same results. Most of the parts are missing.

Just a heads-up!
Thanks for letting me know. It should be working now.

The ENS level boff doesn't have a drop box to choose what class it seats, and doesn't seem to have any boff skills when I click the box to load it with something.

Just a second heads-up.
Thanks. Check it now. Should be good.

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