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Hi all,

If anyone can help me set out my characters out I would really appreciate it. I have three characters that are at / above lvl 53 and I am starting to really struggle with the missions alone. All I need is some half decent ship gear at lvl X and above. I am looking for 1 plasma setup and two AP. Either beam banks or beam arrays with supportive consoles. I don't know how hard it is to create items or how expensive.
For the tactical consoles the better option is to get them from the Fleet Spire, not crafting. These do cost dilithium and fleet credits, though. 

Let me know what kind of beams you want made (regular or dual beam) and the damage type and I can craft you a set or two.

Rob - I have sent a PM thanks in advance. Smile
I could do with a few disruptor beam banks mk xiv with CrtD, Dmg, Pen, or something along those lines


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