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I am long way away, I think my highest is 7
Can you craft projectiles better than what the game drops?
(10-15-2015, 01:43 PM)Katarro Wrote: Can you craft projectiles better than what the game drops?
You can, theoretically. The chances to get the procs you want are quite slim, but significantly better than trying to score them through loot!

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Awesome, I am right now 7 going to 8 in all my categories, I am leveling all at the same time.
Wow is going to take me a long time to get there.
(11-30-2015, 03:04 AM)Chris Wrote: Paddy:  I know we were both racing to level 20 in Projectiles, Did I beat you?

[System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Projectiles has ranked up to 20

[System] [LegacyFloaterMsg] You are a Master Bombadier!
[System] [ItemReceived] You received a new title choice: Master Bombadier
[Mission] Accolade complete: R+D - Master Bombadier
Oops, those values got a little bit mixed up. I had finished Projectiles last week or so and then leveled Science and Shields to 20. No idea, why I wrote the 20 at Science. Working on Ground Gear and Cannons now.
P'Triq's Crafting capabilities as of December 9, 2015:

Level 20 R&D Schools:
(12-14-2015, 04:43 PM)Chris Wrote: Wow, congratulations!

   Did you use some crazy skill boosts or something to get over the top on those last few?


A 6th R&D Slot plus R&D Weekend plus R&D Boosts from Lock Boxes sure were helpful. Smile

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level 20 in all the R&D. It was a long haul...
Rank 20 in Beams, Science, Shields, Engineering, Ground, Rank 18 in Cannons and Rank 17 in Projectiles. I keep a stock of materials most of the time so only the components requiring dilithium would need to be supplied as I don't stock those often. I also have all VR quality R&D School crafting DOFFs as well for higher crit chance. So if I'm not online and anyone needs anything just send me an in game mail letting me know what you need/want crafted and I'll make it the next time I'm online and mail it out when complete.


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