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(04-02-2015, 01:16 PM)dammitjim76 Wrote: Gumarre is going to be a reward in the Delta Recruit system beginning later today. It says here that you'll get him and 5 other random R&D specialist doffs once you get any R&D school to level 1. Not sure if you were planning to make a new Delta toon, aaaict, but this may give you reason to do so.

Unfortunately, Gumerre will be bound to account, and it takes a long time to get to lv 15... I probably won't be using the aegis on my delta tactical character anyway.
Pretty sure I can make Aegis gear for you, ping me ingame when you have the resources.

I as well can help. If you can catch me online will help.
Thanks everyone for your kind offers of assistance.

TP I will send you the materials for the omni-directional antiproton beam array at the very latest by 1900 Kiel time. ( it should by 1 hr later than GMT) You should receive them on P'[email protected]_stoa
Thanks a whole lot, and i'll add a couple of things for your troubles.



Not that it really matters but I have;

beams - 13
engineering - 10
science - 12
shields - 10

everything else is below 5 so no use really.

I've got 20 in beams, 19 cannons, 17 projectiles and 16 everything else on Beardy and I am pretty sure across my alts I've got at least 18 in every school if not more.

UPDATE-can now make myself available to help craft things for the fleet.

Beams- lv 15
Cannons- lv15
Engineering- lv15
shields- lv15

can craft some engineering modules such as  turret fab III, eng III and others...

working on projectiles( lv12) and ground weapons ( lv13)

Beams: 20
Engineering: 20
Shields: 20
Science: 19
Cannons: 20
Ground W: 15
Projectiles: 17

These are spread over three of my fed toons.
Beam = 20
Cannons = 15
Torpedoes = 15
Ground Weapons = 15
Engineering = 15
Science = 15
Shields = 16

If I don't have all the mats I will ask if you do or someone in the fleet has them.

I can also make all of the Intelligence Training Manuals and the Intelligence Qualification.

Not sure if this is the best place to post this or if I should start a new tread.  I'm up to level 20 on beams which means upgrades crit almost every time.  If you need any send me, @eaglescoutdib, the EC and components and I'll make them for you.  Components don't crit nearly as often but if you want to send me the mats I can try to get you a little more out of them too.

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