Delta Rising viewing Homework - Star Trek Voyager
Don't forget:

4-8,9 Year of Hell, Part 1 & 2 (Don't know if we will see the Krenim in DR but worth a look.  Also who doesn't love Kurtwood Smith.)

4-26 Hope and Fear (Dauntless episode)

6-12 Blink of an Eye (Just a great episode)

Just a few off my list.
Blink of An Eye is one of my favorite episodes! Considering a second in our time was like 3 days to them, I would think 30+ years in normal time would be more than enough time for their culture to develop a way to merge with the time difference. I would love to see how that species evolved. Edit: I did the math and for a timespan of 30 years for normal space would have been 260,000 years for the people on that planet.

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