I am majorly addicted to some of the stuff in the Lobi Consortium, I just have one problem, how do I get more Lobi without wasting my money? I keep reading references to re-runs, but I cannot find any that seem to be active.

They occasionally run special events that allow you to earn lobi, but I don't know if they have plans to do another anytime soon. Last time they did I want to say was about 6 months ago. Aside from that, the only way to get lobi is by opening boxes.

You can buy keys without spending money, but it requires a lot of in game resources. One key cost about 22000 dilithium at the current exchange rate (using the dilithium exchange to purchase zen), or about 2.5 million ec on the exchange.
Yeah that's what I figured, well thanks for the input, and hopefully they will do something like the reruns again.

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