Crafting Traits
So, today I was curious about what those extra Traits are, that you can unlock when you reach Level 15 in a Crafting School. So, I got onto the Tribble Test Server and found out:
Looks like they made all of these a smidge better sense the original announcement... I still wish they had kept the bonuses at original levels and left them as passive boosts rather than traits. I have a hard enough time justifying ground traits as it is.
Man, do they just hate cannons? I realize that turn rate is important for cannons, but anyone using cannons probably already has a fast enough turn rate, or they wouldn't be using cannons. Everything else either boosts damage or boosts damage resistance/healing. Cannons, give you a slight increase in turn rate. Wonderful!
That one does suck because Beam Barrage for me grants 2% all damage for 20s on activation of any beam skill. 


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