Epic gear and new Costumes forDelta Rising.
Well i was taking some screen caps the other night. as well as upgrading my M.A.C.O.ground set to epic on Tribble test. I also got a look at what the new delta rep system ground set costume unlock might look like. 

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Thanks. so it will also unlock a new costume ? 
Yes. You complete the ground set armor at tier 5, shield at tier 1 and one of the weapons ether the compression disruptor or the phaser rifles at tier 3
Making me wanna spend money now lol
Lol. Imo the operation pack is worth a buy, if you can get. But the game is still fun for those that can't get the packs
(10-02-2014, 03:34 AM)Mal Wrote: Making me wanna spend money now lol
Don't spend money to upgrade gear to epic, your just gonna be pissed at the end.  He is doing that on Tribble where the supply of refined Dilithium is endless.  To upgrade one piece of gear from Mk XIV to Epic can cost anywhere from 16,000 - 100,000s of dilithium and that's only if the item is already ultra rare.  Just be aware this is major dilithium sink.

It's not a sprint to Epic or even to MkXIV it's a marathon.  I plan on taking my time with it.

Edit: Just watched a video of an Ultra Rare MK XIV having the superior tech upgrades applied and it cost about 500k dilithium(Plus time gates) and got lucky at 20% chance to upgrade to epic.  You may be waiting till 50% even which is then in the millions.  So, yeah no rush for me.
That's true. It cost way too much Imo. I took me using only basic tech upgrades around 6 to 6 1/2 million dilith and around 15 to 20 million ec per part to upgrade the whole set.
Basic upgrades cost the most dilithium to use in terms of cost per points gained. You should use superior upgrades if you are going to make any effort in upgrading or you are going to spend significantly more dil in the long rung.

I know. The toon I'm using has no R&D points. I was looking at it from a point of view of what the every so often player would be looking at to get high grade gear.

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