[Video] New upgrade System, how much will it cost you!?!
(09-18-2014, 03:12 AM)Chris Wrote: Hey all,

   I was able to watch the video, and it does seem a bit shocking at how the upgrade process will work, and how convoluted it is.

Willaimshat, you said that you can't upgrade Reputation equipment?  Where did you see that?  
(I did see where you tried to upgrade a Reputation set item, like the Maco set (and I assume the Breen set would also no be upgradable.)

Maybe you can update Reputation gear that is weapons, etc, but not anything that is part of a set?

Certainly looks like the Superior Tech (at level 15) seems to be the sweet spot, and while I am leveling 4 skills on all my toons, I don't think those Tech upgrades are bound, so we can shift them between characters.

(I'm sure they will go for a lot on the exchange....)

I'm glad the Mk 14 damage seems like a big bump, but the 5% upgrade chance to get an epic looks painful!
Yes this process is a bit annoying.  As to the upgrading rep gear, I posted another video about just that.  I believe they did a hot fix and I can now upgrade some Rep gear, I don't think this system is in its final state but I'm willing to bet the Dil cost is though.  Check my post just above this one.

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