What could I se against those infamous Borg Plasma torpedo
In Elite STF. Tactical Cube can hit with a big plasma torpedo. It's really huge torpedo. For the moment I can survive and escape to fix my battleship. But it's not a good solution. Does anyone has a tips against this except not to do Elite STF? Smile
The simplest way to handle them is to target that torpedo. Any 'high yield' torpedo, such as the Heavy Plasmas, can be targeted and destroyed on the way to its target
As stated before, those plasma torpedoes can be destroyed, as can Tricobalt devices and other large "high-yield" torpedoes. Probably the most efficient way of doing that is by using "beam fire at will" or the cannon equivalent. A note of caution however, be careful when you use that in STF's because you don't want to aggravate any other nearby enemies. You can target those manually, but Tab won't target destructible objects by default. If you destroy those too close to your ship, you'll still get the plasma fire damage, but you'll avoid most of the kinetic damage.
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actually Jay Tab will select it however it doesnt give any kind of precedence to destructible projectiles so better to manually target them if not using fire at will
I have an all turret build with a torp in front and mine launcher in the rear. My scatter volley takes out those pesky plasma torps easily. When scatter volley is on cools my mine launcher backs me up. with eject plasma 3 and theda radiation gas, I usually have the task of tanking the elite cube. My fleet constantly makes ops on the stf's.

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