Lots of Shuttle Weapons missing
Hi Attilio,

apparently nobody noticed earlier (probably because people aren't much into Small Craft) but there are lots of Shuttle weapons missing at the Skill Planner.

I think it is important to include them, as they scale and the Beam Arrays are omni-directional. Of all the Shuttle Weapons, I can only select the Voth Antiproton Beam Array-S. However, there are a lot more, so here is the complete list of Shuttle weaponry:

Beam Arrays:
Antiproton Beam Array-S, Disruptor Beam Array-S, Phaser Beam Array-S, Plasma Beam Array-S, Polaron Beam Array-S, Retrofit Phaser Beam Array-S, Tetryon Beam Array-S, Voth Antiproton Beam Array-S (already included)

Dual Cannons:
Disruptor Dual Cannon-S, Phaser Dual Cannon-S, Plasma Dual Cannon-S

Plasma Turret-S, Tetryon Turret-S

Chroniton Torpedo Launcher-S, Photon Torpedo Launcher-S, Plasma Torpedo Launcher-S, Quantum Torpedo Launcher-S, Thermionic Torpedo Launcher-S, Voth Transphasic-Chroniton Torpedo-S

Maybe a separate category for Shuttle Weapons would be feasible?
Thanks TP! Smile

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