Access to fleet chat outside of the game
Is there any way to use the fleet chat Chan when I'm not playing on the holodeck server?
There is, but you need to be a Gold member by having either a monthly subscription or having bought the Lifetime subscription.

You can use any XMPP-Client like Pidgin to access our global chat channel outside of the game. Instructions on how to set it up can be found here. Enter sto\20academy as room name to access our global chat channel.

On a side note: If you are playing any other game created by Cryptic (Champions Online, Neverwinter Online), you can still access the STO Academy channel via the ingame chat. The same applies, if you are on STO's Tribble Test Server.
Thanks. Would you happen to know if there is anything on android phone's by chance.
I use Xabber on my Android Tab for it.
Awesome. I'll install that thanks. I'll post here after I get everything set up.
OK 10 hours later I got everything setup and going, thank you. I guess you can delete this thread or just lock it so that others that might find it of interest can see it.
Both in Pidgin and Xabber, if see the channel listed when I start the Apps.

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