Boarding Party Screenshots
Last night's boarding party went off without a hitch. Congratulations to Recoill who swept all 3 events in a surprising victory to win all three prizes. We sent off the lockboxes in style. I would post screenshots, but I can't figure out how to with the new forum layout.
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At the bottom when you are creating or editing a post is an option that says Upload attachment. Just upload your images there.

And by the way, it was loads of fun. Thanks for hosting it!

Well here's the one or two from the group photo I took. Unfortunately, I don't like that the whole HUD disappears with the name.



First wish I had made it, and now i get what you were all rambling about when i logged in last night lol.
Second Kairu you can take screenshots with the hud enabled but I dont think you can with just names.
Well I use steam and steam's default screencapper is F12. Which is the same button to rearrange the HUD. Personally, I don't care too much. I'm not overly picky. Besides, I'm a mean screencapper anyways. I got a couple of an awesome pose in front of my trophy wall Big Grin
Here ya go! I took one too.

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