The Patch on March 23, 2012
Well, I've been reading through several developer's blog on the STO Website. I'm actually rather excited about this patch (for once). Outlined in both of the recent blogs is the added features to the Duty Officer system as well as a new daily mission/minigame and a new hour timeslot for better rewards for the minigame. I will briefly explain the two below in case you missed it or don't feel like reading it on their website.

The Duty Officer system addon is personally what I'm most looking forward to. The crew of STO has made it to allow interactions and daily assignments between your duty officers and you (the Captain). The Devs also mentioned that the higher your rank, the more assignments are unlocked. In addition you can talk to your engineer and she can assemble a turret or other item as long as you have the schematic. It didn't say whether or not you needed the required materials for the item, and it didn't specify what the engineer's crafting rank is. In addition, various officers will allow you to buy/create "hypos, batteries, regenerators, components and other useful items." And that's not all! The Devs also added that there will be new contacts outside of the ship:
Quote:On Deep Space Nine, a Ferengi trader offers additional selections of trade assignments, and on Earth Space Dock and Q’onoS a Security Officer has assignments to accept confiscated contraband, handle prisoner transfers and – for the Klingons – to redeem the bounty on Tribble carcasses.

In addition to the Duty Officer upgrade, I mentioned at the start about a new minigame. As some of you may have wondered, "Why did I get to keep my EV suit after the featured episode, "Boldly they Rode"?" Well the Devs have confirmed that they will be needed to play a new minigame being introduced in this patch. What is this minigame? To summarize you will help a Ferengi who recently acquired rights for mining in an independent system, Vlugta. This can be accessed without going through the mission and is located near DS9/Bajor in the Beta Ursae Sector Block. Being independent, both Federation players and KDF players will be able to come together and mine dilithium. As you are helping the Ferengi, she will, naturally, get a large cut of what you salvage for her. However, the Devs said that during a new hour block she will feel "grateful for all the additional labor" and give you a larger portion than normal from what you mine. In turn, you can save up the dilithium or you can spend some of it to buy new EV suits as well. And as one final extra bonus, the Devs have made this weekend a free EV suit weekend where you can obtain a free orange EV suit that you'd typically have to buy for 80,000 dilithium. Details about this EV suit and what it will contain were not mentioned.

Now that you've got the jists of the patch, what do you think? Are you excited for this or does it not grab your attention at all?
While I did not check out the new dilithium mining mission on Tribble, I did take a look at the new "interactive" ship interior/doffs. Some of it I like, some of it I don't. As far as the actual ship board doff assignments go I'd rather have them all readily available in the assignment page of the duty officers window. I DO however like how you can now go see your engineers, medical personnel, etc and have them build you components, hypos, turrets etc. That alone made the patch worthwhile for me. lol in summery: not a huge fan of having to run all over creation for doff assignments, but huge fan of "see these prototype plans? Good, build it."

"At the respective factions’ academies, Personnel Officers allow a captain to commission cadres of duty officers, and also to turn in five underperforming duty officers, plus a modest amount of Dilithium, for a random duty officer of the next highest quality. Too many duty officers of common (white) quality? Turn them in for uncommon (green) quality duty officers!"

Sweet! And I will have to try the other stuff before i post an opinion but it looks cool

EDIT: After a little bit of gameplay with both parts I must say i am pleased with both, I know several people dont think the daily is worth it but i found it fun.
I did my first Doff exchange today. This time their version of "modest" was in-line with my version as well. 10 dilithium was the charge. I traded in 5 science doffs and got an ops doff instead. Looks like I won't be doing many science doff missions till I get a recruitment assignment back.
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Iv'e been trading in a lot of common DOFFs lately to make room for the less commod ones, which I sometimes get through trades and sometimes buy on the Exchange. I haven't priced technicians lately, but when it come to the Exchange, never trust the first price you're quoted. If you do multiple searches, putting in different search terms and trying both "All" and "Duty Officers" you may find what you are looking for at much lower prices than the first ones you see. I was shopping for BOFFs yesterday and the first listing I saw for Purple BOFFs had none listed for uner 500,000 EC. I was later able to find more than a dozen at prices ranging from about 14,000 EC to 50,000 EC. I got a dozen for less than what I supposedly would have had to spend for one if I hadn't known not to trust the Exchange.


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