Tier 5 Starship upgrade info
(08-28-2014, 01:12 PM)Chris Wrote: Nice that everyone who has one of the above, or goes after a winter ship this year, can get a Tier 5-U ship for free.  Cryptic certainly didn't have to do that.

You are right, Chris, they didn't have to do it. However, they managed to include an incentive for most people to NOT upgrade their T5 C-Store Ships, but instead directly purchase the T6 versions.

I guess, in the end it all comes down to how "important / useful" that Level 5 Starship Mastery, the Starship Trait, the additional BOFF ability and the Specialist BOFF seats will be.

But, I am not complaining. After all, for Cryptic this is a business and they rely on us doing Micro-Transactions, so they earn something for a living. Personally I start saving 30 EURO for a T6 Scimitar, just in case.
As another bit of info relating to T6 ships was released today...

The (Espionage) T6's being released with Delta Rising won't have fleet versions at release but they will be getting them later down the road. I'm thinking they want to see how balanced T6 vs T5U ships really are and it let's them release the fleet versions once initial sales die down.

I agree with Chris entirely when it comes to this batch of T6's. The Espionage ships once leveled to rank 5 will offer a few new play style options rather than just blowing T5U's out of the water.

I'm really hoping ship classifications and hybrid boffs continue... while I'm really not interested in puttering about in a spy ship I'd love a dedicated Command and Control or Electronic Warfare ship.
I would expect any further ships in the c-store to be mostly t5u, with t6 as well. I think theyll put more intelligence ships into the store for sure though

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