Delta Rising Leaks
Hey guys! Well I decided to post this only in fleet since its an unsanctioned source. Data mining has revealed some interesting things that answer a few questions. First, there are apparently a way to get a Bethan Cruiser, Hazari Escort, and Kazon Destroyer BUT don't appear to be tied in with a lock box (perhaps a mission reward or C-Store?). Next is HUGE, we will apparently be able to upgrade gear but it looks like it will be a cash cow for them. Anyways here's the link:
I think that is more or less what we were expecting to see with the upgrade process.  I don't mind that there is a price to upgrade, as long as it is at a significant discount to buying the higher level weapon outright.  After all if the price is the same then what is the point?  This way they get something out of it, but I'm still getting value from having bought the lower level weapon.  Sort of like trading in a used car.
I'm expecting a "free" upgrade path that doesn't have a 100% chance of success, a reasonable price tag for safety net items, and a full on price gouging to have a near 100% success rate. PWE handles the business model at this point and STO is becoming more and more like Neverwinter with recent patches. I hope I'm wrong here but it's really not smelling like it... oh and for the love of gawd don't jump all over the upgrade system with expensive ships day one. Losing my stock Obelisk to a bug would truly irk me but that's a $10 ship... I can only imagine what losing a lockbox or Lobi ship to a bug would feel like.

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