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here's my first build that I am now looking for advice on. Romulan tac officer that wants to focus on dps. any advice.suggestions much appreciated. have no problem switching ships/skills/etc. Thanks!
Hi Tarwyn

To improve that build let me go over the normal guide lines of ship building. Consider them guideline because i've seen some design that don't follow them with impressive result 

1- Turret go in the back. Has force of habit, we always aim the front of the ship so 360 should be in the back where they can cover the front, what other weapon can't. 

2- Avoid "Rainbow" ie to many different type of energy weapon weapon. Stick to 3 or less. I,d recommend 1 but a dual combo can be nice. By type i mean tetryon, plasma, etc. The reason is that type specific tactical console will give you a better boost.  They are exception, the new tactical console from the counter reputation system does a nice boost to phaser and disruptor. other weapon like Kinetic cutting beam doesn't get the boost but are a nice weapon on pretty much any build. And if you balance your skill point multiple weapon type can be nasty (tetryon to take out the shield with  plasma to damage the hull over time

3- try to have the higher tier console and equipment BUT be weary of exception and cost. A purple MXI will give you the same bonus then a blue MXII but usually at half the price or less on the exchange. 

4- if you can afford it , fleet equipment is currently the best you can have  in game . 

5- choose your weapon modifier carefully. the 2 keys to increase your dps is not increase weapon base damage, but firing them all the time (this is why 360 degree beam weapon are overpowered) and getting critical hit. So Critical Hit, Accuracy (over 100 it boosts critic h) are some of the key modifier you want. I love to get a good balance of all since Cryptic then to modify things , but usually Acc and Critic H are the more sought after. 

now for personal taste: 
on your Bridge officer abilities (boff) : 
-Boarding party sucks. plain and simple. get rid of it, it's useless. it was great 3 years ago, now it,s easy to destroy. Get Direct energy modulation II or a heal instead. 

- I would get Beam over load instead of Canon rapid fire. you have more beam, and only one canon. While they would share a cooldown, using a boost ability on a single turret (specially a lt power level ) is a bit of a waste. you could also get attack patterns beta that would debuff your opponent nicely. 
thanks for the reply eagl. i have updated my build with as much as I can at this point. will finish updating my skills and give it a test tomorrow. thanks again!
In all honesty, you made a decisive error, which possibly wasn't intended at all.

I don't know, why you chose the Ha'apax Advanced Warbird. My guess is, you picked it because it was one of the free choices upon reaching Level 40. As a Tactical Officer, you would have been better off by far with the Ha'feh Assault Warbird. Not only has that one more Tactical Console, but it has also +15 Weapons Power and a far better BOFF Layout for Tactical Captains. You may try to compensate by getting a Mirror Ha'feh from the Exchange. Only change between it and the Prime version is the focus on Engineering (Ha'feh) and Science (Mirror Ha'feh).

Other than that, you can go with what eagl17 said.
yeah, chalk that one up to sheer ignorance. i took the d'deridex at 30 and just stayed in that family at 40. would it be better if i just went ahead and got a fleet ha'feh at this point?

new build with the mirror ha'feh
that should be a major dps upgrade vs what you have. let us know how it does 
i just noticed you went plasma, in that case get the plasma beam from the Romulan rep no power drain when firing with other weapons (on that one ) 

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