Obelisk Build
this is still a WIP for me but if anyone could give any pointers it would be helpful

Hi Phantom. Here are my first insight :
1) equipment: 
first get rid of the turret,  being tetryon it won't benefit from the tac consoles you have. change it for a AP if you can and want to keep one. 
Off course upgrading all your console and weapon will be of great help. if you can get some fleet equipment. 
Get Elite Swarmer if you want to keep using swarmer. Elite get a major boost vs advanced. 

2) Boff
Boarding party is one of the worst ability you can use. And vent plasma is hard to use on a ship with so little turn rate. Get at least an Engineering team for hull repair, and look at Direct energy modulation and/or Auxiliary to dampener. The last one will get you more mobile, but reduce your pet output. 

Mask energy signature is pretty much useless in pve. Look into using Hazard emitter or Science team I. The first one will heal your hull and remove plasma DOT , the second will heal shield. 

Get TT1. it will help adjust your shield, increase (slighly ) dammage and remove borg boarding party in pve. 

3)  consumable 
Get some aux batterie. Aux power increase the performance of your pets. 

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