Help with Kumari build ideas
Hello all!

I recently aquired a Kumari escort after much thinking of with ship I would like to play with and tried a lot of tweks here and there and already invested some time and dil in some gear. I tried antiproton, disruptor, a photon torp build, then a plasma torp build (you can see the two rep plasma torps there) and some minor things but...

... For some reason Im not satisfied yet. Something still dont feel in place.

I like the cannons because theyre very fast and I like the torps because they do a LOT of damage but cannons are a bit tricky to target and torps are slower.

I dont mind changing everything again till it gets right and Ive readed a lot already but I didnt see one kumari build that would be ok for yet, hence Im writing this and seeking your thougths and guidance.

Currently Im using the antiproton because I can boost the antiproton beam, and thats the way I found a use for the 3rd boff station. It was mostly unused till that. I really would like to be able to use those 2 torps since I invested a lot of time in getting them, and IF the dps number they show is correct, they are GOOD. With the proper consoles the omega torp gets almost to 5k dps, even being slower than any beam weapon or cannon.

Again, I say that because Ive seen this guy flying an elachi escort and killing a borg cube ALONE in an elite stf. I want to do that too, but dont have any ideas for how to reach this level. And I dont want to waste this space chatting crap about how that guy did that, Im focused in doing it, Im looking for the how to's, not the chit chat. Hope this didnt sound rude, I just want to keep plain objective and not lose my time and your time.

So please, Im asking for some help here. It will be greatly appreciated! Your thougths, please? Big Grin 

Hugs from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!
I had a solid damage build using 5 fleet-class or similar AP DBBs fore and OmniAP/KCB rear with all AP fleet spire consoles. Does insane damage. I can put it into skill planner later today if you are interested.

The highest DPS I've gotten out of the kumari is with a build similar to what Beardy mentioned above.  Here is something I've been running for fun.  The choice of Andorian phasers was purely cosmetic as it is not the optimal choice for dps (but is not a bad choice in pvp).  Cannons naturally parse lower than beams, so I only get about 10-12K out of this build but that is still more than enough.  Using anti-proton would certainly boost that output, but I've never tested it so I have no idea how much of a boost.  I use the gravimetric torpedo, but the other torpedoes can certainly be used in it's place.
If you use the Obelisk core the AP is a clear winner. You could boost your build by using the 2pc bonus from the Counter Command set, probably the turret and the bio torp to make an easy swap. That set bonus is added after all other boosts so it would be significant. However it would mess with your Andorian aesthetic Smile

Thanks Robo and Martin for the answers.

Robo, I surelly want to check your spec, please share it with us! Big Grin And please, what you mean by AP in your last post? Sometimes I get lost with all the acronyms. Tongue

Martin, what you mean by cannons parse lower than beams? Beams are better, even on an escort? I hear people saying all the time that cannons are better.

Since I have the plasma torps do you people think I should keep it? If so, is there any console that could boost the torps and another plasma weapon at the same time or Ill need different consoles for each?

Should I use beams in this escort? If so, dual banks?

Thanks all again for the participation! Let's extend this! Big Grin

Cannons vs beams is a complex topic and I'm far from an expert.  It was once true that dual heavy cannons were far superior to beams.  The developers over time have made a lot of adjustments to make beams competitive.  At this point in the games development it's still true that dual heavy cannons are better for single target alpha strikes as you'll do more damage in a quick burst than you would with beams, however over time against multiple targets using abilities like fire at will along with attack pattern beta beams will do more damage.  That doesn't mean they are superior, simply that the way the game is designed the beams will do more overall damage because of the wide arc hitting more targets more often.  A skilled pilot in a good escort with cannons using scatter volley can get a fair amount of dps also, but it takes more work than running a beam fire at will build.  This is why I say beams will usually parse higher than cannons.  That's about the extent of my knowledge on it.  If anyone else can elaborate on the subject please feel free.

Beardy, I noticed in your build that your are using 3 tac teams, 2 bo's and 2 faw's.  Was wondering if that was an error?  As far as I know the cooldown on those abilities mean that no more than 3 beam abilites and 2 tac teams will ever be used.  Perhaps an attack pattern beta mixed in with another torp spread would be of use?
Yeah I had a note about that in my description. I used to have a better boff setup for this but since I have so many different ships I use regularly I don't have enough boffs to keep up.

The thing with cannons and beams in a nutshell is that cannons will do more sustained spike damage to a single target with alpha and CRF while beams are in general easier to keep on target and will parse a higher dps over time as a result. A good pilot can overcome this but for pve cannons are somewhat outclassed right now. The damage falloff over distance is more punishing to cannons as well. They are most effective flying pratically point blank with your target while beams have a more generous damage dispersion over distance.

Now which beam the gentlemen would suggest me? Dual beams or beam arrays? Would it be interesting to have 5 beams on this escort or 8 beams on a cruiser?

Another subtle point is this: I noticed that at the spire there are consoles that boost, say, phaser dmg, so it suggests me its a generical phaser console for any kind of weapon that would use phaser, but when you check plasma its explicitly said Plasma beam weapons damage. Needless to say how unfair that sounds, since I have both plasma torps from omega and romulan and was hoping to use them together with plasma beams. Do you think that is a mistype from the developers or the console is exactly that, solely for plasma beams?

I would love to be able to use those torps. When I put 5 plasma torp consoles the omega dps goes almost to 5k, which sounds insane. I would love to know how they calculate these dps numbers, since some torps, like the chroniton one that drops 10 mines dont list the dps, but 10 mines dishing 2.2k dmg together in one hit really seems interesting. But without the math I cant know how real this interesting really is.

Hugs to all! Big Grin
To answer your question about the consoles, weapons are separated into the categories energy, torpedo and mine.  None of the tac consoles available at the spire boost multiple categories.  So if you see one that says it boosts phaser damage, it is boosting any energy weapon that does phaser damage.  So it is the same as the plasma console that boosts plasma energy weapons.  None of them boost both energy and torpedo damage.

I know that it sounds good boosting your torpedo to 5k, but unless your building a torp boat that is using all plasma torpedoes it is not optimal (or a variety of torps if you are using the +torp consoles).  Reason being is your using 5 consoles to boost a single weapon vs using 5 consoles to boost 6 weapons (or 7 if you drop the torp altogether).  So, those 5 consoles boosting your 6/7 beams could get you 15-20k (or more potentially).  That doesn't mean you have to drop torps completely.  I still like using one with torp spread to get that kinetic punch.  I just don't boost it with consoles (though the honor guard space set 2 piece bonus does boost torp damage).

As for choice of beams, I like to use antiproton dual beam banks with the 360 degree antiproton beam and the kinetic cutting beam in the back.  This is the way I'd go if you want to keep using a torp as it allows for 100% uptime of your weapons while you are on target.  If you decide to drop the torp then going with all beam arrays is a valid option as you will be able to easily maneuver for broadsiding.

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